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This beautiful love story by Sally Elliot is set in the 40's - World War 11 and the recovery period following. It paints the part that war can play in love, when betrothals are made in haste and the pressures of war are something that haunts young men and women.  


It’s February 1940 and U.S. ARMY COLONEL GRAHAM FALKER arrives at the Odessa Hospital, Texas, U.S.A. late on a cold winter’s night to be by the side of his gravely ill wife, HELEN FALKER, in her final hours. 


It’s March 1940 and CLAIRE GODDARD arrives at her relatives’ cattle station at Jandowae, Queensland, Australia for a brief summer holiday only to be confronted with the horrible news that most of the men folk there are joining up to fight in the war in Europe.  In particular, the man she secretly and deeply loves, PETER THOMAS, Cattle Station Manager.  When Claire has the opportunity, she questions his reasoning but Peter tries to make light of the dangers that lie ahead for him.  With time running out to express their hidden feelings for each other, Peter asks Claire if she will wait for him and they will marry at war’s end. 


Claire promises to wait for Peter forever. 

But the war rages on. Lives change. People change. Is Claire still the same woman who made that promise, and is Peter still the man who headed off to war, determined to come back and marry the only girl he thought was for him.


We're playing every scene we can to get this film up and running and we'd just love it if you gave us a bit of a helping hand. We've got some really cool rewards organised for anyone who is kind enough to spare a dollar or three to contribute to this film.

Have a look on our site. You can sponsor a scene or sponsor a character. You'll be updated on the filming progress and even get a chance to visit the set during filming.

We have some great merchandise from authentic tea towels used in the film to the copies of the dress worn by the leading lady.

There are invitations to the premiere and more fun ways to become part of this production. Just visit Rewards.

This engaging film has been created by Sally Elliot and will be produced by her film production company Fandango Productions. 

View the video that tells Sally's story and her journey to getting Because of the War produced. Sally got involved in film production when she worked at Colimbia sturidos in the US back in the eighties. 

Since that time Sally's passion has been to write and direct romance movies. Because of the War will be the inaugural production for Sally's company, Fandango productions. It promises to be an intriguing and inspirational romance that will touch the hearts of romance lovers everywhere and have them entranced throughout the entire 90 minutes.

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Writer of several film scripts and head of Fandango Productions, Sally first discovered her passion for movie making when working at Columbia studios in LA, at the outset of her career quite a few years back.

Sally is a very pro-active member of many film making communities across  Australia and abroad.


Fandango Productions has hired a team of very professional and talented film-makers.

Evolution Studios, Shane Cantley

Spark Films,

Loic Valmy music


Big Smoke Marketing is a team of accomplished marketing professionals brought on board to assist Fandango Productions with funding, distribution and promotion.

Headed up by Richard Denham and Chris Kirby-Ryan, Big Smoke Marketing has all the skills needed to bring Because of the War to the market and promote it successfully.

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